About Us

Katittut means when things, animals or people merge and come together for one cause.

Katittut is the web design division of Atiigo Media, and we have been providing digital strategy services to the North since 2003. We have focused on the creation of multi-lingual websites that have used all the official languages of Nunavut, as well as the official Pigiarniq font of the Government of Nunavut. 

Katittut began as a partnership between Atiigo Media and Arctic Sky Media, both of which had been operating in the North for some years before they joined together. Attigo Media began operations in January of 2003, and the company is registered with the Nunavut Government as a northern business in accordance with NNI policy, and with Nunavut Tungavik as an Inuit Owned Firm. For the past several years, Attigo has had a standing offer agreement to provide communications services to the Government of Nunavut – a testament to our vision of providing quality products with professional service. We have a wealth of experience working in the Northern environment and we are ready to put that experience to work for you.