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Are you looking to give your company, business or institution more presence on the web? Whether you want to make the first jump into online media, or to upgrade an already existing website, Katittut can help. With the arrival of the 3G wireless service in the North, there are many new opportunities for companies, businesses and institutions to reach wider audiences.  We take pride in our services which bring together visual designs of high quality with the best of latest technology. We are proud to offer all our services in the North for the people of the North, and we specialize in the creation of websites that use all the official languages of Nunavut.

We not only design and implement websites that are easy to maintain, we also offer products and services to help you keep the site functioning at an optimum level.  Our goal is to make your website work for you.

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We can help you navigate the world of online communication.

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Design solutions by our parent company Atiigo Media.


We specialize in configuring, customizing and extending Drupal.